How To Something Your Face Recognition In Attendance System

ARJUN SINGH   January,13 2023

Face Recognition in Attendance System

Nowadays, enterprises and businesses employ modern-day biometric-based time attendance systems for rapid and precise attendance recording & monitoring. However, amongst all the biometric technologies, contactless facial recognition technology is gaining traction as it is one of the most efficient contactless individual identification methods.

mxface provides Face Identification and Face Recognition-based time-tracking solution for instantaneous attendance monitoring of individuals, based on their facial features and contours. The system captures an individual’s face biometrics with the help of smart video surveillance systems to meet the modern-day requirement for more accurate and faster automatic attendance capturing.

mxface is an advanced facial technology-based platform, which offers a smart time-tracking solution to educational institutions, enterprises, and widespread production or manufacturing houses like plants and ports - employing a large number of workforces.

Educational Institutes

As it is quite crucial for educational institutions to keep track of students’ attendance and behavior during examinations & lectures, Mxface brings an astonishing face-based time-attendance solution for educational institutes to monitor & manage students as well educator’s daily time transactions. Our solution also assists in detecting the expressions of students during examinations via Facial Analytics to avoid malpractices during exams.

By linking Mxface with video surveillance cameras positioned all around campus & within the classrooms of an institute, the incoming & outgoing time of students can be detected easily and accurately without the need for any direct contact with the device. A facial recognition technology-based time attendance solution also assists in offering advanced security to students, working staff, and teachers. Furthermore, Face Analytics will enable the authorities to rapidly detect students’ emotions like unsatisfied, distressed, or confused, ensuring better delivery of education.

The modern-day face recognition-based time-tracking system is more beneficial in comparison to the conventional/manual time-tracking solution in terms of accuracy, ability to process a large volume of data, speed, ease of use, and detection of impersonation.

Plants and Ports

In today’s hi-tech world, tracking, monitoring, and managing time-transactions of a large volume of the workforce on widespread operating sites like plants and ports requires an intelligent, efficient, and rapid time-attendance solution. Mxface brings a smart and innovative facial recognition-based attendance solution for plants & ports to ensure precise, hassle-free, and speedy attendance recording & monitoring processes.

With the changing times, an advanced biometric-based facial recognition technology is moving beyond enterprises to plants & ports, leading to increased efficiency. Mxface’s Face Identification and Face Recognition algorithms accurately detect & recognize every incoming as well as outgoing individual’s identity using the advanced facial scan methodology to mark his/her attendance in real-time.

Moreover, an innovative facial recognition technology-based attendance system reduces queue timing and saves the time of workers/employees, as it scans the face of a person from distance. It also helps in determining the age of workers, to overcome the issue of wrongly stated age, and tackling underage labor work.


To be in tandem with the changing times, enterprises are turning towards the groundbreaking facial recognition-based time attendance system for systematically and efficiently managing the attendance of personnel. Mxface offers an innovative contactless attendance solution to enterprises, requiring no human touch and yet capturing the attendance of employees precisely & rapidly.

The face recognition-based-attendance first captures the employee’s facial features and creates the database. After data compilation, the smart video surveillance systems placed appropriately at the entries and exits of the premises will scan the facial images of every incoming and outgoing employee. Then, Mxface’s Face Detection will detect all faces in the frame to match it with the pre-existing data in the system. Based on it, the system will record an employee’s clock-in and clock-out time in less than a few seconds.

Mxface deems to be a perfect solution for enterprises to monitor and manage employees’ attendance in a more rapid, hassle-free, and accurate manner.