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Identify faces with Face Detection

Find human faces in photos and videos with advanced Face Detection technology. The Face Detect API accepts only images as input and each Image can have multiple faces and the API will return results for each face.

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Benefits of Face Detection

Face detection technology identifies and finds human faces in pictures and video delivers high-precision bounding boxes over the faces to locate.

Identify Faces in Photographs and Video

Fast and Accurate

API based platform

Locate many Faces in picture

Why Our Face Detection

We develop AI-based solutions integrated with deep learning and machine learning, our technology can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments.

Robust & Accurate

Easy to integrate


Why Our Face Detection

Face Detection Demo

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Support for a single Image upload. Only PNG,JPG, JPEG, BMP file accepted. Image resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

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Image Upload GuideLines
  • Not less than 45 degrees face up and 30 degrees face down.
  • The yaw should be less than 45 degrees in either direction.
  • Use an image of a face with both eyes open and visible.
  • Use an image of a face that is not tightly cropped.
  • Avoid items that block the face, such as headbands and masks.
  • Image resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.
  • Use images with flat lighting on the face, without shadows.

Face Detection Demo


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