Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does Mxface provide?

Mxface Services is a platform that is built to support you with your face recognition needs. We provide a Face recognition API platform and support for individual developers who wish to create their own application based on face detection recognition. We also partner with companies that wish to develop new face recognition technology to detect, match, and recognize faces, to identify age-gender demography, or to track people using face detection.

Q2. As part of a corporate project, how do I get a custom face recognition application built using Mxface API ?

If your company wishes to develop the application locally within your own technical team, you can contact our team to get access to our API. If you wish to partner with us for a custom project using our API

Q3. Will my photos and videos be saved by Mxface?

When you send photos to the FaceAPI (Face Detect, Face Compare & Face Vector), the Mxface server processes your request only. No images are stored when you use the FaceAPIs. Prior notification will be given to all our users if, at a later time, Mxface was required to start saving media in order to improve our tech performance. The photos used for our demo is stored only for tracking and analyzing the performance of our demo. No media uploaded on our servers will ever be shared with or sold to a third party.

Q4. As a developer, how do I get started with Mxface APIs?

Mxface has been built with simplicity in mind, you can reach our APIs Please learn more about getting started with our Cloud APIs from our from guide under documentation section after login

Q5. What are the advantages of Mxface enterprise?

Mxface - gets you an increased limit of 250,000 API Calls along with a personal support agent from our team.

Q6. Does your service work without having a connection to the internet?

Our Face Recognition Offline SDK is currently in development.

Q7. What is the average response time from your API Calls?

Typically it takes only 1.5 seconds, however, if you feel the responses are slow it could be one of the following reasons

  • 1. The size of the image file that you are uploading

  • 2. Your internet connection

  • 3. The number of faces that's there in the picture

Q8. Is Mxface Face Detection APIs Free?

No, the APIs are free for 1 month. However, we offer plans as low as $3/Day or $7/month keeping our beginner users in mind.

Q9. What all types of apps can I use face recognition for?

Sticker Apps, Beauty Apps, Face based Authentication Apps, Face based Attendance Systems, Face Filter Apps such as SnapChat and a lot more. Your imagination is the limit.

Q10. If I wanted to use Mxface APIs, is there a specific brand of Camera that should be used?

Mxface API supports media from any brand of camera, even phone cameras or media with low pixel size.

Q11. What are the confidence level that are used for Face Recognition through Face Match and Face Vector API?

For both Face Match and Face Vector API, the confidence level or score used is the euclidian distance which must be 0.5.

Q12. What all media formats can be used with Mxface API?

Mxface APIs work with all image files.

Q13. What if I needed a Face Recognition application to work within my company servers without connecting to Mxface servers?

Mxface provides custom solutions using Face recognition that work offline or without connecting to Mxface servers and you will be in Complete control of your data and application. Please contact us for a on-site independent projects.

Q14. The API keeps returning invalid image error. How do I solve this? Will this be counted in my API transaction /call count?

There are multiple reasons for an image invalid error. Error code Glossary in our user guide for details. If you still get the error, please contact us An API call is counted when: #NAME? #NAME? are detected and stored in a database #NAME? #NAME?

Q15. I needed Face Recognition done for a Live streaming Video, Is it possible with Mxface?

Processing of live streaming videos can be done using a dedicated docker or by streaming the live feed to the Mxface server. contact us to know more about such projects and application.

Q16. Can I use Mxface API's in Android Studio and iOS app development?

You can use Mxface APIs in your Android or iOS Apps with ease. All you will have to do is to integrate via HTTP POST requests.

Q17. For the "face-rectangle" attribute, there are four numbers. How should I interpret each number correctly?

The 'face-rectangle' attribute provides the coordinates in these points: x,y, x+w, y+h Where x: is horizontal axix; y: is vertical axis; w: is width and h: is height When using face compare or face vector API, these coordinates can be entered in boxes params column to avoid cropping of group images.

Q18. Do you provide real time face recognition feature?

Real time face recognition is currently offered on request you can contact our sales team to get a quote. However, All our APIs are cloud features. If you send the images to the server, you would get the results back within 2-3seconds. Check our user guide on working with Face Match API to learn more.

Q19. Where do I get support for Mxface?

Email us at or schedule a call by filling up the from and we will call you.