Fingerprint Recognition

Identify and Authenticate fingerprint with high accuracy

Fingerprint recognition is a secure and convenient approach to verify identities and authenticate users. Our fingerprint API is intended to be interoperable with a broader set of applications. Furthermore, our APIs do fingerprint search and matching from a huge fingerprint database, as well as quick searching and extraction of fingerprint data for verification and identity applications. The recommended methods improve security and optimize operations for multiple applications.

fingerprint Recognition
fingerprint Recognition
fingerprint Recognition

Benefits of Fingerprint Recognition

Accurate Identification

Accurate Authentication

Advanced Biometric Technology

API based platform

Why Our
Fingerprint API Detection ?

Our fingerprint API detection systems are highly accurate and secure for fingerprint-based identification of individuals. It is developed with advanced AI biometric technology, which reduces the FRR and FAR values and ensures reliable and effective identification operations.

Data security

We don't store fingerprint data. Biometric data is removed after identification.

Easy to integrate

The Fingerprint Detection APIs are easy to integrate and monitor API usage.

Robust & Accurate

Our fingerprint detection system performs exceptionally, ensuring precise and dependable results.

Fingerprint - based biometric APIs

Here are some common scenarios where fingerprint-based biometric APIs can prove to be useful.

Device Security

With our fingerprint biometric API, you can bring simplicity and safety to your desktop servers and IoT devices. Securing access and handling transactions has never been easier. To access the device, simply place your enrolled fingerprint on it. This process is quick, easy, and secure.

Financial Services

our fingerprint recognition api can secure login acess to your desktop servers and iot devices securing access and administering transactions has always been a challenging task to get access place your enrolled fingerprint on the device this is a swift simple and safe process.

Access Security

Fingerprint recognition API can be integrated into access control systems to secure confined areas. Workers, customers, visitors, or any authorized person can access these areas by scanning their enrolled fingerprints at devices deployed at your entry gates/doors.

Attendance Management

Time & attendance system can use fingerprint APIs to monitor staff attendance and working time accurately. Using their fingerprints to check in/out will control staff buddy punching and time theft.

Healthcare Records

our fingerprint api enables medical practitioners to securely access medications medical devices and electronic health records with ease via using fingerprint authentication system healthcare professionals can safely retrieve patient information to ensure both security and continuity of care.

KYC Solution

Our advanced fingerprint biometric APIs are crucial in identity verification platforms and KYC procedures, ensuring that account openings, online transactions, and compliance checks are secure and reliable. By confirming identities with just a fingerprint, we make these essential processes accurate and user-friendly.

Immigration Security

Our fingerprint biometric APIs enhance the work of immigration and border control by making traveler identity verification smooth and secure. Immigration officers can quickly compare travelers' fingerprints against databases, helping ensure border security and protect against identity theft with a simple touch.

Law Enforcement

Our fingerprint APIs enhance the work of immigration and border control by making tourist identity verification smooth and secure. Immigration officers can quickly compare tourists' fingerprints against databases, helping ensure border protection and safeguarding against identity theft with a simple touch.

Government Services

Our fingerprint recognition APIs revolutionize Government Services, such as identifying beneficiaries for welfare schemes and citizen authentication. This technology lets citizens use their fingerprints to verify their identity, ensuring secure and streamlined essential services.

Retail Programs

For safe transactions, fraud prevention, and customized customer experiences, retail and loyalty programs use our fingerprint biometric APIs. Consumers can register their fingerprints for safe authentication when making purchases and redeeming points from loyalty programs.

Missing Persons

By matching fingerprints taken at the site with databases of missing people, victims of disasters, and unidentified remains, fingerprint search APIs can identify missing people and victims of disasters.


What Global Companies have said about us

MxFace AI uses pattern detection technology and no images and personal information is stored. The only data that is stored is of anonymous, aggregate and statistical nature.

Minop Cloud

We have been using MxFace APIs for a year now for face search and comparison


Our Face recognition based security solution works seamlessly using MxFace APIs

Acierta Consulting

We quite enjoy your MXFace comparison product. It’s a great product. we’d love to continue using

Supported Fingerprint Scanners & Modules


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