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Use the following resources to learn how to use and impelement face API's in your software and application In this user guide, you will find detailed descriptions and examples that describe implementation method that you can use for enabling your application with face recognition technology with respect to various functionality like face detect, face compare, face attribute and face landmarks.

Face Detection

Face detection is a technique for detecting human faces in photographs and mapping them onto a high-precision rectangular grid. It may be used to lock and unlock the screen and apps, as well as a variety of other scenarios that need facial recognition. The location of specific places on the human face in relation to major facial characteristics can be used to enhance their beauty. This API can be used in a variety of ways such as face unlock, face clustering, and facial beautification.

Face Comparing

Facial comparison detects and extracts essential facial traits, compares human faces with high precision, generates confidence scores, and evaluates if the same person appears in many photos. Face comparison technology that is cutting-edge categorises and handles photographs smartly. Face recognition is accurate thanks to an advanced picture recognition system, which also enables apps to provide an enhanced UX to user.

Face Attributes

Face attributes are biological traits that describe face characteristics with a high level of intrinsic stability and individual variation, making them valuable for identifying people. Gender, skin tone, age, and expression are all important factors.

Face Landmarks

The important features on a human face in the input image are detected, and the coordinates of the key points ( landmark points) that represent the facial contours are returned, providing input for future algorithms for beautification, facial modelling, and facial expression recognition.

Iris Recognition

An iris recognition API taps into cutting-edge imaging technology to spot the unique patterns in each person's iris, making identity checks both secure and reliable. It's super useful for security checks, border control, and managing who gets in and where, ensuring swift and accurate identification. This way, only the right folks get access to restricted spaces or sensitive.

Fingerprint API

A fingerprint API offers mechanisms that allow you to add biometric authentication to your apps. It checks and matches fingerprints to confirm identities securely, helping with access control, tracking attendance, and managing financial transactions. This API boosts security by making sure that only authorized people can access sensitive data or areas.

Human Detection

A people detection API utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify and locate humans in images or video streams. It can distinguish individuals in various poses and environments, providing real-time analytics for security, retail, and smart city applications. This technology supports enhanced surveillance, customer behavior analysis, and safety monitoring.

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