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Our Cloud-based facial recognition system is state-of-the-art computer vision technology. Users may employ a cloud-based attendance system to access premises, register their attendance, identify the customer, and much more. There are various benefits of cloud-based facial recognition systems, like increasing throughput, reducing costs, improving accessibility, and requiring less training.






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Mxface is an API platform that powers face recognition applications developed on any platform to serve various use cases. Our API enables comprehensive security and seamless experiences, powered by many face recognition features for all business needs.

Face Detection
Face Detection


Face Detection

Detect and find human faces within an image and return with high accuracy face bordering boxes. It also allows you to save data of each detected face for future applications.


Face Comparing

Check for the possibility that two faces refer to the same individual.You will get a confidence score and thresholds to assess the similarity between the faces.

Face Comparing Face Comparing
Face Comparing
Face Comparing


Face Attributes

Face attributes are a series of biological features that represent facial characteristics and have strong inherent stability and individual variations. It can be used for personalized beautification and precise product recommendation.


Face Landmarks

Find and declare the keypoints of facial components, including face profile, eye shape, eyebrow line, lip, and nose shape, along with their exact location. With this, we can track whether a driver is paying attention or not.

face landmark


Face Search

1:N Face Search The Face Search APIs are image-based APIs that may be used for facial identification throughout a database primarily in attendance tracking, patient identity, large facility monitoring and digital access or verification. The APIs are linked to an online cloud database.

Key Features of Mxface Facial Recognition API

We develop AI-based solutions integrated with deep learning and machine learning. Our technology can analyze faces in images, videos, and in real-life environments.

Data security first

We do not store customer face data and data is automatically deleted after processing.


Face recognition in real-time, depending on resources.

Detect & matches

Detect and match faces within a database and give alerts.


Facial recognition precision of over 99.5% on open standard data sets.

Easily enrol faces

Easily enrol faces from still or video images.

Log of faces attribute

Create a log of faces attribute for later investigation.

Device Integration

REST API for application and device integration


Website secured by SSL encryption technology.

Search for comparative faces

Search for comparative faces from a single camera or multiple cameras used in access control, VIP greeting, shoplifter, unwanted person, and many other applications.

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MxFace AI uses pattern detection technology and no images and personal information is stored. The only data that is stored is of anonymous, aggregate and statistical nature. Therefore, companies trust us as their partner


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Face Detection API is useful to identify individual faces in a group or crowd.