Face Landmarks

Our API analyse all the features of a face and zoom into sections like the eyes, nose, and lips to have any possibility of doing reliable emotion detection or head pose estimation through Facial Landmark Points. The Face Landmark API maps the detected faces on a 128-point vector scale which can be used for performing the task of detecting key landmarks on the face and tracking them.

API can detect landmarks of all the faces detected in a picture and use them further in various purposes like face swapping, face averaging, etc.

Benefits of Face Landmarks

128 Landmarks

Match Faces seamlessly in images and Videos

No limit on Number of Faces

Work fine with any Angels faces

Why our Face Landmark ?

A distinguishing feature of Our API landmark detector is that it is fast. It completes the detection in 1 millisecond. This is an astounding performance, makes it track landmark points in real-time. Landmark points are calculated and counted locations on a face. Our API finds a landmark point in the image, and in case if they are not able to estimate due to blur image then it just guesses the location based on the position of the other points.
Why Our Face Detection

Face Landmarks Demo

Try Landmarks API now by uploading a local picture. This demo is built with Landmark API. If you have any unique technical requirements, then kindly contact us.

Test this API by uploading a local image (Supports only JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP file). In case you have any technical problem, please contact us for a demo.Contact


Response JSON

Image Upload Guidelines

  • Not less than 45 degrees face up and 30 degrees face down.
  • The yaw should be less than 45 degrees in either direction.
  • Use an image of a face with both eyes open and visible.
  • Use an image of a face that is not tightly cropped.
  • Avoid items that block the face, such as headbands and masks.
  • Image resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.
  • Use images with flat lighting on the face, without shadows.