Iris API

Recognize and Authenticate Iris API with high accuracy

Our team has developed an cutting-edge iris recognition API that provides a secure & efficient way to identify individuals in various applications.Our matching IRIS API offers swift and precise iris verification, enabling seamless and secure identification.

Iris Recognition Iris Recognition
Iris Recognition

Benefits of Iris API for Recognition

Accurate Authentication

Advanced Biometric Technology

API based platform

Accurate Identification

Why Our
Iris API ?

our cutting-edge technology for iris api for recognition provides unmatched precision and reliability when identifying individuals developed with advanced ai it reduces errors and provides secure identity verification.

Data security

We don't store IRIS data. Biometric IRIS data is removed after identification.

Easy to integrate

Easily embed the Iris APIs into your app, and track usage of all the APIs.

Robust & Accurate

Our Iris based Authentication System Delivers Top Performance.

Iris - based biometric

Here are some common use cases for Iris-based biometric APIs

Immigration Control

At immigration checkpoints and border control stations, our iris recognition technology can revolutionize identity verification. our API offers a fast and secure way to confirm traveler identities, streamlining entry processes while bolstering security. Its precise and efficient capabilities ensure a smoother, safer travel experience for everyone.

Trustworthy Identification

Iris API-based recognition systems, particularly in highly secure areas for attendance, can rapidly and precisely authenticate an individual's identity by matching the iris pattern acquired by a camera against a database of enrolled iris patterns.

Enhanced Security

Because iris patterns are so distinctive and challenging to fake, our iris recognition provides a higher level of accuracy in security than more conventional identifying techniques like using passports or ID cards.

Facilitating Travel

our iris api recognition technology speeds up border crossings and reduces wait times enhancing the travel experience automating identity verification streamlines the passenger journey reducing wait times and increasing travel enjoyment.

Reducing Fraud

when someone presents oneself for accessing country at immigartion iris api recognition technology make sure their identity matches the one on the travel document preventing identity theft and document manipulation at border crossings.


Iris recognition is more hygienic than some biometric modalities, such as fingerprint scanning, because it doesn't involve physical contact with a scanning device and is non-intrusive. This is especially important in settings where safety and health are concerns like hospitals and healthcare settings.

Easy Integrations

Our Iris API based recognition technology easily inetgrated into your current identity management systems, without requiring major updates . This smooth integration not only boosts security but also makes your operations more streamlined and efficient, enhancing overall user experience.


What Global Companies have said about us

MxFace AI employs pattern detection technology and prioritizes your privacy by not storing any personal images or information. Instead, it retains only anonymous, aggregated data for statistical purposes, ensuring your individual details remain private and secure.

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Supported IRIS Sensor Recognizes the human eye retina

Here are some common use cases for Iris-based biometric APIs


MATISX Dual IRIS Scanner

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