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Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd. introduces Mxface, a leading technology brand that brings cutting-edge facial recognition APIs for a seamless application experience.

Integrating Mxface APIs, developers as well as businesses are able to effortlessly incorporate face recognition into their applications and products; connect via our application programming interface (API) right away.

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We help our clients to build useful applications

Our Face APIs are reliable and secure enough for companies and developers to build cutting-edge web and mobile applications to launch products, update features and functions or complete software projects and stay ahead.

Mxface Facial Recognition System

Future generation recognition system that provides an incredibly versatile human verification process

The human face plays a vital role in recognizing a person in the social world. Over the last few years, the biometric facial recognition system has received considerable recognition as the human face acts as a key to security in a wide range of identification & authentication applications.

Facial recognition is a biometric-based software application that uniquely identifies or verifies an individual by analyzing and matching patterns based on facial contours. Compared with other biometric systems like fingerprints and IRIS, the facial recognition system has peerless benefits because of its contactless process.

An advanced facial recognition system can identify or authenticate a person from a facial image at a certain distance without any contact or interaction with the person. The captured image data of an individual can be saved for later retrieval, for use by law enforcement agencies in attempting to identify the individual, or for any other security applications such as secure access to facilities or networks.

Mantra's advanced facial recognition technology - Mxface, can efficiently and accurately identify faces that are difficult to recognize with an almost 99% accuracy rate while detecting partially hidden human faces with face masks or sunglasses. Our facial recognition application also offers a high accuracy rate when reading and comparing faces taken from around ten-year-old photographs. Mxface can be implemented as a functionally independent application or seamlessly integrated into new or existing biometric security solutions by system integrators and solution providers.

Server-Based Facial Recognition

Server-based facial recognition is a high-performance, scalable, and customizable face recognition system. It can process multiple real-time video streams in parallel due to less dependence on internet connectivity. Server-based facial recognition also allows easy integration with the CRM system for incorporating face recognition into their solutions.

facial recognition
facial recognition

Cloud-Based Facial Recognition

The cloud-based facial recognition system is state-of-the-art technology. Users may employ a cloud-based attendance system to access premises, register their attendance, identify the customer, and much more. There are various benefits of cloud-based facial recognition systems, like increasing throughput, reducing costs, improving accessibility, and requiring less training.

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