Face Recognition in CRM

ARJUN SINGH   January,13 2023

Face Recognition in CRM

In an era of technological sophistication, it becomes vital for different industries to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) by upgrading customer services using smart and advancing Facial Recognition technology.

Today, for customers, while shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, waiting at the airport, visiting a bank, checking into a hotel, and other such experiences remain enigmatic due to lack of personalization and adaption of the consumer’s demands or buying behavior.

mxface offers an innovative and advanced facial recognition platform to level up the customer experience by boosting CRM. Multiple industries including, hospitality, aviation, banking, and retail, can implement a smart facial recognition-based CRM solution utilizing Face Detection, Face Tracking, Gender-Age Identification, and Face Analytics to render a rich experience to their customers.

Some of the amazing features that mxface provides are Targeted Advertisements, Automatic Customer Recognition, Customer Counting, and Customer Greeting.

Targeted Advertisement

mxface brings an appealing opportunity for marketers to promote their products/services to the targeted audience based on their demographic details like age and gender. By linking a CCTV camera positioned near an Advertisement screen with mxface, marketers will be able to detect the age & gender of customers walking in front of the screen. Age-gender detection is carried out utilizing mxface's Face Analytics and Age-Gender Identification. The system then processes this information to display targeted advertisements to the respective age-gender group of customers.

Automatic Customer Recognition

To optimize the CRM processes and enhance the level of customer satisfaction, instant matching of the customer’s facial attributes with the stored data in the CRM system becomes indispensable to provide satisfactory treatment to the VIP/loyal customers. The customers are automatically recognized & detected using mxface’s Face Recognition and Face Detection functions. The automatic customer recognition will primarily assist in bifurcating standard customers from loyal or VIP customers.

Customer Counting

Integrating our advanced facial recognition platform mxface with any of CCTV cameras assists our clients in keeping track of the total number of visiting customers. mxface's Face Detection API precisely detects, counts, and analysis every customer including the novice, VIP, and returning customers. Our facial recognition platform helps in determining the frequency of repeating customers in order to recognize the loyal customers. Furthermore, customers’ visiting time and date will also be stored efficiently in the system to assist clients in comprehending the popularity of their business.

Personalized Greeting

mxface offers an amazing feature of customer greeting to the clients by utilizing Face Recognition and Face Identification. The first-time customer's data like name, age, gender, facial attributes, etc. are stored in the database of the system after the visit. Now, when the customers revisit the retail store, bank, airport, or hotel, mxface will identify the revisiting customers and notify employees/staff about their visit along with their names stored in the database. This way, employees/staff can greet their valued customers by name, boosting customer experience through personalized interactions.