Human Detection API

Detect and Count People with High Accuracy

We provide a convenient and safe API for human detection and crowd detection in all types of settings, including open and closed facilities. Our artificial intelligence process of locating every person in a picture, video, or surveillance material is known as "people detection" or "human detection."

fingerprint Recognition fingerprint Recognition
fingerprint Recognition

Benefits of People Detection

Accurate Identification

Identifies Individual, Groups, and Crowd

Advanced AI Technology

API based platform

Why Our People Detection
and People Counting ?

"Our people detection AI systems excel in accurately distinguishing between individuals and groups, offering high precision and reliability. The chance of false positives or negatives is minimal, especially with our advanced AI biometric technology, ensuring trustworthy identification every time."

Data security first

We do not store customer fingerprint data and data is automatically deleted after processing.

Easy to integrate

Easily embed the people detection APIs into your app, and track usage of all the APIs.

Robust & Accurate

Our People Detection and Counting System Delivers Top Performance.

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Support for a single Image upload. Only PNG,JPG, JPEG, BMP file accepted. Image resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

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Image Upload Guidelines

Not less than 45 degrees face up and 30 degrees face down.

The yaw should be less than 45 degrees in either direction.

Use an image of a face with both eyes open and visible.

Use an image of a face that is not tightly cropped.

Avoid items that block the face, such as headbands and masks.

Image resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

Use images with flat lighting on the face, without shadows.

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People Detection

Our people detection and counting technology is based on a well-proven artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithm, with a wide range of applications in different industries. Among the well-known ones are:

Surveillance Systems

our people detection api is extensively used in surveillance systems to identify and monitor individuals in sensitive locations public areas or restricted zones this technology enhances overall security by detecting suspicious activities and preventing unauthorized access ensuring a safer environment.

Retail Analytics

Retailers use our human detection API to track person in their establishments, comprehend consumer behavior, and improve product placement and store layouts. It also aids in queue management during peak hours.

Smart Buildings

Our Human Detection API is seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure of smart homes and buildings, streamlining the management of energy, lighting, and HVAC systems. It intelligently adjusts settings based on occupancy, significantly enhancing user comfort while also optimizing energy efficiency.

Traffic Management

Our Human Detection API is revolutionizing transportation systems by monitoring pedestrian movements, managing crowd flow in stations, and optimizing traffic signals at crosswalks. This unique technology enhances both efficiency and safety in urban environments, ensuring smoother transit and safer pedestrian experiences.

Healthcare Monitoring

our Human detection api enhances care in healthcare enviorment by closely monitoring patients ensuring safety protocols are followed and regulating visitor access this thoughtful integration improves the patient experience providing peace of mind about their safety and privacy.

Event Management

Our People Detection API plays a crucial role in managing crowd flow, ensuring safety, and optimizing resource allocation during events such as concerts, conferences, or sports games. By intelligently monitoring and managing attendees, it helps to maximize the effectiveness of security personnel and facility usage, ensuring events run smoothly and safely.

Assistive Technologies

Our HUman Detection API is a vital tool in assistive technologies for individuals with special needs or impairments. It tracks movements, detects presence in a room, and can trigger alarms or other appropriate responses. This technology enhances independence and safety, providing crucial support where it's most needed.

Industrial Safety

People detection API in industrial environments helps ensure worker safety by keeping an eye on employee movements around machinery, averting mishaps, and detecting unlawful entry into hazardous locations.

Social Distancing

Human detection API is very useful for implementing social distancing policies in public spaces, workplaces, and commercial enterprises during pandemics or other infectious disease outbreaks.

Augmented Reality

Our Human Detection API elevates games and augmented reality apps by enhancing user engagement through intuitive gesture recognition, crafting deeply immersive experiences. This state-of-the-art technology supports real-time interaction, bringing digital environments to life and making them more engaging and responsive.


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MxFace AI leverages pattern detection technology, ensuring that no personal images or information are stored. The only data retained is anonymous, aggregated, and purely statistical, prioritizing privacy and security.

Minop Cloud

We have been using MxFace APIs for a year now for face search and comparison


Our Face recognition based security solution works seamlessly using MxFace APIs

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We quite enjoy your MXFace comparison product. It’s a great product. we’d love to continue using