Facial Recognition Technology

AI Based Face Recognition Technology

Mxface is an API platform that powers face recognition applications developed on any platform to serve various use cases. Our API enables comprehensive security and seamless experiences, powered by many face recognition features for all business needs.

Face Detection

Detect and find human faces within an image and return with high accuracy face bordering boxes. It also allows you to save data of each detected face for future applications.

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Face Comparing

Check for the possibility that two faces refer to the same individual. You will get a confidence score and thresholds to assess the similarity between the faces.

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Face Attributes

Face attributes are a series of biological features that represent facial characteristics and have strong inherent stability and individual variations.

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Face Landmarks

Find and declare the keypoints of facial components, including face profile, eye shape, eyebrow line, lip, and nose shape, along with their exact location.

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Face Search

This image-based API uses the face vector to find a face already stored in the database and displays it along with the pre-registered details.

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